We have an installation team with over 20 years’ experience and a team dedicated to the service and maintenance of air conditioning which is of the upmost importance to keep units running without expensive repair and call out costs.

Chapmans work closely with Toshiba UK and are warranty partners enabling us to offer a 7-year warranty for our AC installations giving both our commercial and domestic customers total peace of mind.

We are also Mitsubishi accredited installers and are able to offer a 5-year warranty on all Mitsubishi equipment, but are able and willing to service and install any manufacturers equipment.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Our installation team have the ability and expertise to meet our commercial customers requirements. We can offer any type of installations from single split systems to large hotel VRF systems. Using our industry specific software we are able to produce pressure test certificates and commissioning documentation electronically which can easily be downloaded for the customer.


Chapmans can provide the perfect air conditioning solution for you home, allowing you to keep cool or warm as you desire. There are a number of options including wall mounted units or ducted installations depending on the specifics of your room. Domestic AC is becoming a popular choice due to its efficiency and cost effectiveness and health benefits of filtered air being circulated into the room.


Well-maintained air-conditioning systems run more efficiently and are less likely to breakdown. We recommend for maintenance to be carried out annually in residential properties, and as often as quarterly in commercial premises such as hotels etc.

Our industry specific job software allows our engineers to receive jobs remotely, track their progress and also to produce maintenance records in line with REFCOM standards, to which customers can also gain access via the customer portal.

Maintenance contracts can be tailored to our customer’s needs for example, 365 days – 24 hour response time contract, or a critical 4 hour response time if this is beneficial.

Using our QR asset label technology, we are easily able to scan an asset and retrieve the job history of the unit. This is helpful with all maintenance and call outs.